Click HERE to book your online Choir Audition.

The audition will include:

  • Sight-singing of two short melodies
  • Clapping a rhythmic excerpt
  • Sing-backs of several melodies played for you
  • Short discussion about your musical background and experience

PRIOR to your Audition, please complete the following steps: 

  • PREPARE A RECORDING and submit it with your Choir Information Form (see below) at least 12 hours prior to your scheduled hearing. For this recording (audio or video file, your choice), please sing along with this accompaniment, carefully follow these instructions:
    • Sing The Ash Grove along with the accompaniment. Please note that it is played in the key of F major even though the pdf score is in G major. Please just sing along with the F major accompaniment. When you record yourself, please wear headphones so that the accompaniment cannot be heard in the recording. I suggest plugging the headphones into your computer to hear the accompaniment and recording yourself singing with a phone device. Please state your name at the beginning of the recording.
    • Sing along with the range exercises that follow (using the same procedure—headphones on). When the range gets too high or too low, stop singing and wait for the next exercise. Try this a few times as it will help warm up your voice!            

It is recommended that you practice with the entire recording more than once before preparing your final submission.

  • FILL OUT THIS Choir Information Form no later than 12 hours prior to your scheduled online audition. Note that your recording must also be sent to ( is recommended for easy transfer of files by email).